Don't let valuable insights get lost in scattered emails, multiple systems, and paper trails. By centralizing all information, you empower yourself to make informed choices and minimizing the risk of incorrect decision.

Triglav skladi

Superior Results

A centralized system that retains all financial and purchasing documents in one place is the first piece of the financial risk mitigation puzzle. Just one missing piece of information can harm your entire business, while decisions based on all the facts will create opportunities for best outcomes.

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Embrace Time

The lack of timely information can lead to delays in financial and procurement procedures. Minimize complexity, streamline processes and ensure transparency with advance approval by decision-makers. Quick access to up-to-date documents is one of the key factor in your success.

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The significance of information accessibility becomes irrelevant if the information is not up to date and correct. Centralize and simplify overviews of various financial and procurement documents and make it easier for people to take part in the preparation and approval of final reports.

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“We were looking for a modern digital invoice verification platform that could be fully tailored to our needs and integrated into our information systems. InDoc EDGE has fulfilled all our expectations.”

Tomislav Podhraški, CIO

Centralized storage

Keep all your financial and procurement documentation in one place.

Document approval

Confirm your invoices and order forms using a simple approval solution.

Comprehensive overview

Connect all accounting documents (purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, contracts).

Risk reduction

Prevent the loss of documents.


Integrate seamlessly with your ERP via APIs.

Proven solution

A cloud service trusted by clients in 10 countries.

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With InDoc EDGE, you can digitize any business process tailored to your needs or choose from purpose-built solutions. Achieve digital transformation at all levels of your organization

  • Invoice validation and approval
  • Procurement process

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