Promote collaboration within your teams to drive innovation, improve satisfaction, and increase efficiency.

2 hrs.
per week

is what your coworkers can save through efficient content collaboration.

better performance

by establishing a secure collaborative work environment in the organization.

Stay updated
on content changes

made by your coworkers, partners, clients, and other external stakeholders.

Easly collaborate
  • Invite anyone to edit, revise, or review document content
  • Comment on documents and subscribe to content changes
  • Forward document to content approval

"When we were collaborating on content via e-mail, the number of document versions doubled with every round of revisions. With InDoc EDGE we've managed to streamline this information chaos."

Katja Bušić, GLS
Compliance specialist
  • Edit content directly in your Microsoft Office tools
  • Automatically update content versions
  • Maintain control over document versions
  • Access document history anytime


of employees perform better when they collaborate...

Source: Delloite, 2018
safe environment
  • Preview documents without the need to download files
  • Centralize content and feedback in one place
  • Monitor collaboration with task insights and audit trail

Access from your mobile device
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Open collaboration

Invite coworkers and any external stakeholders to collaborate on the content.

Edit content in your tools

Edit document content directly in your Microsoft Office tools.

Comment and track

Comment on document or task and track content changes, all in one place.

Preview content

Preview document content without actually having to download documents.

Automatic versioning

Prepare content drafts or lock versions for editing, automatically.

Document history

Maintain control and manage versions of documents in history as desired.