Engage clients and partners in your processes and improve CX with automated tasks and workflows.

The power of digitalization
perfomance boost

by implementing people-centric processes.

of B2B clients

prefer digital interactions and active participation.

less internal incidents

while elevating the information security levels.

Focus on people
  • Design processes and workflows tailored to your clients, partners, and coworkers
  • Include any number of participants, both your coworkers and external parties
  • Continuously optimize flows to adapt to rapid changes


of organizations believe that a great customer experience is the new competitive advantage...

Source: Gartner, 2015
Digital tasks
  • Automatically collect the necessary information
  • Add business rules to automate tasks
  • Overview open tasks by priority and other categories
  • Improve overall quality with fewer errors

"We have optimized and digitized the key retail and corporate loan approval workflows. InDoc EDGE has enabled us to shorten the approval time, reduce the risk of error and improve the CX."

Aleš Sedej, Banka Sparkasse
Head of IT SW development and process support
Collaborate with peace of mind
  • Collaborate with peace of mind, knowing that confidential content will never leave a secure environment
  • Ensure information is directed to the right recipients
  • Track progress of open tasks and monitor audit trail to assess performance
Process design

Use BPMN 2.0 notation for no-code / low-code process design and visualization.

Business rules

Control your flows with business rules for automation and quick adaptation if needed.

Priority setting

Set appropriate priority to tasks that require timely completion and should not be overlooked.

Participant engagement

Facilitate active participation by directing tasks to coworkers and external parties.

Task notifications

Participants receive real-time task notifications through dashboard, reports, and email.

Performance monitoring

Timely identify variances from goals and optimize performance promptly if necessary.