Improve your document management for easier collaboration and regulatory compliance with less risk.

improve document management

employee efficiency with streamlined document management.

4 hrs.
saved every week

by your most creative coworkers with effortless information retrieval.


are more satisfied when content management procedures are clear and transparent.

collaborative document editing in Microsoft Office
  • Search for information by name, metadata, content, or type
  • Use common and specific search engines or simply create advanced search queries
  • Comment on content or sign up for notifications
  • Engage in content within and outside the organization
  • Enable collaborative document editing in Microsoft Office for the web

9 out of 10

employees edit, review, and collaborate on document content using email...

Source: FinancesOnline, 2021
  • Create documents from templates
  • Add metadata manually or through APIs
  • Use a regulated, free, or combined folder structure
  • Link documents and prevent content duplication
  • Invite coworkers to edit, review, and approve content

"We have finally found a tool that puts us in control of a large number of agreements and helps us manage our contractual obligations."

Mitja Ličen, Založba Goga
  • Set up access rights for folders, case folders, and documents
  • Choose from six levels of security access
  • Restrict access to content with personal data
  • Ensure automated document version updates
  • Request confirmation regarding content suitability
  • Review document history and previous versions at any time
Creation or capture

Create, capture, or add documents in various ways.

Content access

Store files and access content from any device.

Document storage

Preserve document validity until retention expiry.

Content organization

Structure content with metadata manually or via APIs.

Version control

Manage versions to maintain control of content.


Integrate with other business apps using open APIs.