Establish a secure and compliant work environment for inclusive creation, easy collaboration, and more efficient teamwork.

Only 1
version of truth

ensures all team members have up-to-date information.

Up to 50 GB
large files

can be conveniently shared both internally within the organization and externally.

number of recipients

to have configurable and traceable access to shared documents and tasks.

Secure collaboration
  • Set permissions for user actions, such as reading, editing, uploading, downloading, and printing content
  • Add an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA) for external users
  • Limit accessibility of shared content to a desired timeframe
  • Track sharing with task insights and extensive audit trail

2 out of 3

employees exchange confidential content using only conditionally secure channels...

Source: TechRepublic, 2022
  • Share documents or tasks with your team, external recipients included
  • Update shared content, adjust permissions, change recipients or availability anytime, even during sharing
  • Maintain complete control over content sharing

"Daily tasks immediately became much easier, we're more focused on the content because we don't need to worry about document sharing anymore."

Aleš Zaletel, Regionalni center za razvoj
Project office manager
different formats
  • Enable the exchange of very large files, accommodating sizes of up to 50 GB per share
  • Preview content in 70+ formats in InDoc EDGE, including video and audio files, without downloading


of IT decision-makers said that document sharing is one of the most important features of digital document processes and tools in supporting their organization’s business continuity and agility...

Source: Forrester, 2020
Various permissions

Allow for reading, editing, uploading, downloading and/or printing.

Antivirus scanning

Turn on automatic security scanning of uploaded files or new versions of already saved documents.

GDPR compliance

Prevent documents containing personal data from being left wherever or retained by whoever.

Advanced settings

Set restrictions on formats, sizes, confidentiality levels, and external recipients.

Extensive audit trail

Maintain traceability even when sharing is included in broader business processes.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Commitment to quality and ensuring a high level of information security.