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Steklarna Hrastnik
Legal department
Contract management
  • Drafting contracts from pre-defined templates
  • Coordinating content with coworkers and partners
  • Approving finalized versions
  • Built-in electronic signing
  • Tracking changes and version management

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One source of truth

All legal documents are securely stored in the right place of the storage structure, and consistent with the levels of authorization. Without a doubt, at any given moment, you know which version of the document is the latest and can track the activity history for each document.

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Fast and simple e-signing

Electronic signing brings many benefits, but for legal services it primarily means saving time and lowering business risks. All activities take place in a traceable process, and InDoc EDGE uses several technological approaches to assure the legitimacy and legal validity of signed documents.

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Built-in compliance
  • GDPR compliance with the recording of the reason for accessing personal data
  • Automatic disposal based on retention periods
  • Safe exchange of documents with external parties
  • Complete traceability of documents and workflows
  • Advanced system of access rights and levels of confidentiality

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All in one place

Manage agreements systematically and centrally.

Information just a click away

Access content with quick links.

Secure storage

Assign rights to limit access to information.

Audit trail

Track contracts throughout their entire lifecycle.

Electronic signing

Save time and reduce risks.

Proven solution

A cloud service trusted by clients in 10 countries.

digitize any business

With InDoc EDGE, you can digitize any business process tailored to your needs or choose from purpose-built solutions. Achieve digital transformation at all levels of your organization.

  • Multi-level contract approval
  • ISO documentation management
  • Non-compliance management
  • User rights management

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