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How can the challenges of marketing content management be overcome?

March 4, 2024

In the world of marketing, where teams manage a variety of content on a daily basis, from social media to print campaigns, marketing teams often face a daunting challenge: how to maintain organization, efficiency and compliance amidst a deluge of documents and diverse digital content.

In this context, it becomes clear that traditional approaches to content storage and management no longer meet the demands of modern marketing. The continuous creation, organization, storage and sharing of content requires efficient processes and modern tools.

Below we look at some of the most common challenges in managing marketing content and how Mikrocop's marketing team turned these challenges into opportunities to improve their processes with the help of InDoc EDGE.

Common challenges in the management of marketing content

Finding and accessing content

The biggest challenge is often finding the right content at the right time. Marketing teams can spend hours searching for specific graphics or documents stored on network drives or buried in email inboxes - time that could be better spent on strategic and creative work.

Organization and storage

As the amount of content continues to grow, storing and organizing it effectively is critical. Without a systematic approach, important content can get lost or simply forgotten.

Collaboration and sharing

Collaborating on campaigns and sharing content within the team or with external partners can become very inefficient without a shared central content repository, often leading to confusion over versions and delays in campaign execution.

Security and compliance

Ensuring the security of marketing content and compliance with laws such as GDPR or, in Slovenia, ZVOP 2 are not insignificant challenges, as marketing departments often handle sensitive personal data of customers.

Contract signing

Signing a variety of contracts can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially when working with external partners.

Each of these challenges can significantly slow down a marketing team's work and limit their ability to respond quickly to market opportunities. It's important for marketing teams to find a practical and effective solution that equips them for the challenges of the digital age.

How InDoc EDGE made work easier for Mikrocop's marketing team?

With InDoc EDGE, Mikrocop's marketing team has overcome many of the challenges faced by marketing teams around the world. Not only have they become more organized and efficient, but they have also improved the security and compliance of their marketing content.

In the following video, Ajda Progar from Mikrocop's marketing team gives insights into how InDoc EDGE enables the team to manage documents more efficiently and increase productivity.

Benefits that InDoc EDGE has brought to the marketing team

  • Greater efficiency: Significant time savings.

  • Better organization: All files are clearly organized and stored in one place, making them easy to find and access anytime, anywhere.

  • Increased security: Files are more secure than ever before as it is clearly defined who has access to which documents.

  • Improved collaboration: Collaboration with colleagues and partners is easier and more effective. The entire team always has access to the latest version of a document, and each member can review, comment on and edit it at any time.

  • Streamlined contract signing: Contracts can be signed electronically in minutes and then securely stored in an electronic archive.

InDoc EDGE does not promise a revolution, but offers a practical and efficient solution to everyday challenges. It allows teams to focus on what they do best – creating outstanding marketing campaigns.

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