Save several hours per week and dedicate that effort to explore new prospects and build strong customer relationships.

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Cloud IT
Digital Office
Boost sales

New opportunities

By keeping organized records and centralizing your sales documentation, you can relieve your colleagues of unnecessary administrative burden. This enables more agile workflows, improves responsiveness, and gives your sales team instant access to the right information, anytime, anywhere.

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Content exchange

With more than 90% of sales process relies on documents, digital support for efficient and secure content exchange became essential. By leveraging the capabilities of secure sharing, e-signing, and overall efficient document management, you can collaborate with ease and achieve better results.

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Sklepanje poslov

With use of electronic signing, it doesn't matter whether you have access to a printer or whether you send a contract to the signatory’s right address. Gone are the days of waiting for traditional mail to be delivered or worrying about whether the signer is in the office. Thanks to digital support the process of establishing new partnerships has never been faster or easier.

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all content in one place

Working with partners requires smooth sales enablement. With a flexible partner portal, you have continuous access to the latest sales, product and marketing materials. Bring all the information and content you need into one place to empower your partners to achieve their business goals.

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“With e-signing, we have cut the time needed to join a fund by two thirds, thereby freeing up our consultants’ time so they can focus on clients.”

Goran Djuratovič, Director of financial advisory and sales
Generali Investments

Content centralization

Manage your sales register and related information with a clear structure.

Version tracking

An easy way to manage versions and approve final proposals.

Electronic signing

Adapt electronic signing to your and your customers' needs.

Limited access

Track and keep confidential information safe.


Connect InDoc EDGE to your CRM solution.

Proven solution

A cloud service trusted by clients in 10 countries.